Real FQHCs, Real Billing Problems. Solved by PMG

PMG gets results for our clients, including increased revenue, quickened cash flow and the alleviation of the headaches associated with the revenue cycle. In fact, PMG has produced increased revenue for every one of our clients.

Read on for real-life FQHC client stories, learn about the revenue cycle challenges they faced and how PMG was ultimately able to help them increase revenue from third-party payers, enjoy a healthy revenue cycle and focus more on patient care.

Improving CHC Cash Flow Takes the Right Team

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center’s new CEO noticed immediately that there were cash flow problems and knew he has to take action. Trusted partners CPCA introduced him to the experts at PMG. The result was an annual increase of over $1.9 million in revenue.

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“As a strategic partner since 2014, PMG has delivered unmatched expertise in revenue cycle management (RCM) to CPCA members. Because PMG focuses exclusively on the RCM of community health centers, we found that their service line was the best fit for our members. We have a long history of working with PMG and we look forward to building on that into the future.”

Robert Beaudry
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
‎California Primary Care Association


Improved Workflows Increase Average Payment Per-Visit for CHC

Franklin Primary Health Center was experiencing a breakdown in their revenue cycle process and was leaking money. PMG was able to help them create more efficient workflows that ultimately led to an annual revenue increase of $1.5 million.

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“Our Account Manager is great to work with and her response time to our questions is kept to a minimal.”

Phyllis R. Young
Billing Liaison
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc.


Data Drives FQHC Success

Like many CHCs, The Dimock Center had purchased complex practice-management and billing software systems. And like many CHCs, Dimock was struggling to make these systems fit its needs. PMG was able to refine Dimock’s existing systems and raised monthly collections from $200,000 to over $800,000.

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Billing is Not Revenue Cycle Management

Advantage Health Centers was just looking for help with billing when they hired PMG. What they got was better billing and a whole lot more. By looking beyond billing and building a true revenue cycle solution, PMG was able to increase Advantage’s blended encounter rate by over 50 percent.

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