Charge Setting and Sliding Fee Scale

Categories: Ecommerce

October 15, 2013

Release Date: November 19th


In this session learners will learn how to review the current fee schedules and the factors that require an annual review. Learn various nationally recognized charge setting methodologies including the use of RVUs.. With the annual update of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, attendees will also learn how to review the organization’s sliding fee scale, and how best to manage options within that program. Included in this session will be how to conduct the updates, adding new procedures and how to use the numbers to track provider productivity.

Learner Objectives

  • Conduct a review of the organizations fee schedules and sliding fee policies
  • Know how to update the current fee schedule accommodating changes in the Federal Poverty Guidelines and HRSA requirements
  • Learn how to carve out specific services within the fee schedule and sliding fee schedule for effective reimbursement
  • Gain understanding of Clinic Costing and Backing into an RVU
  • Use the data to measure provider productivity in the CHC environment

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