Provider Enrollment Services

Did you know that one in three claim denials stem from provider enrollment?

Delays or mistakes in provider enrollment cause denied claims that cost your center money.

Stop revenue leakage at the source with PMG's provider enrollment services.

NO MORE delayed payments due to enrollments issues
Using PMG's provider enrollment services can help you eliminate claim rejections and denials caused by inaccurate or incomplete provider enrollment.

NO MORE overwhelming paperwork or frustrated staff
Your CHC is a busy place and with the ever increasing demands on the schedules of your office staff as well as your providers, it is no wonder so many CHCs are choosing PMG to manage this burdensome process. The time spent collecting information, completing applications, and navigating the complicated payer process could be much better spent on patient care and other important work.

NO MORE endless follow-up calls and annual maintenance
PMG's team of certified experts understands the complexities of the credentialing process. We are constantly increasing our knowledge base in order to stay up to date on changing regulations and protocol. This is how we are able to make the often daunting process simple and hassle-free.

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Our services include:

  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollment
  • Commercial insurance enrollment
  • CAQH provider registration on ongoing maintenance including re-attestation
  • Type 1 and 2 NPI application
  • Monitoring expiring credentials and Federal Exclusion lists
  • Medicare and Medicaid revalidations and commercial re-credentialing
  • Tracking and follow-up of applications from submit date to provider enrollment
  • Customized reports showing provider par status and application progress
  • Resolution of credentialing-related billing issues