Who We Are

PMG has two offices based in Rhode Island and many remote workers around the country. We've put a lot of effort into establishing relationships within key trade organizations so that we can be of service to as many CHCs as possible. That hard work has earned us the opportunity to work with many CHCs across the nation.

PMG is a regular speaker and consultant with numerous state and regional CHC organizations and/or PCAs, including:

  • CHC Association of New York
  • Illinois Primary Health Care Association
  • California Primary Care Association
  • Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
  • JSI Research & Training
  • Health Care Education & Training (Wisconsin)
  • Florida Association of CHCs
  • CHC Association of Connecticut
  • Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved
  • Cicatelli Associates
  • Maine Primary Care Association
  • Arizona Association of CHCs
  • North Carolina Community Health Center Association
  • Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers
  • South Carolina Primary Health Care Association
  • The Louisiana Primary Care Association
  • The Texas Association of Community Health Centers
  • Oklahoma Primary Care Association
  • Montana Primary Care Association
  • Alaska Primary Care Association
  • New Jersey Primary Care Association
  • Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers
  • Michigan Primary Care Association
  • Bi-State Primary Care Association (VT & NH)